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Low-intensity infrared laser radiation in the diagnosis and combined treatment of acute nonspecific lymphadenitis of the face and neck in children

Oasevich I A, Shargorodskii A G. Infrakrasnoe nizkointensivnoe lazernoe izluchenie v diagnostike i kompleksnom lechenii ostrogo nespetsificheskogo limfadenita litsa i shei u detei.

Source: Stomatologiia (Mosk). 1999; 78 (2): 28-30

The clinical course of acute nonspecific lymphadenitis of the face and neck was studied in 241 patients aged 1-14 years, in order to improve the diagnosis and therapy of this condition. General clinical examinations were supplemented by laser biophotometry and assessment of the activities of some local defense factors (lysozyme, beta-lysine, secretory and serum IgA). Multiple-modality treatment for the first time included magnetic laser therapy (MLT), and its efficacy was assessed. Results of biophotometry helped define the objective criteria for the diagnosis and evaluation of the treatment efficacy in children with acute lymphadenitis of the face and neck. MLT proved to be a highly effective treatment modality, decreasing the inflammation and correcting oral factors. Use of MLT accelerated all phases of the inflammatory process, promoted its regression at the serous stage, and decreased the incidence of suppurative forms of acute lymphadenitis by 40%.

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