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Correction of the gastric and duodenal motility by laser puncture in pancreatobiliary disease

Gontar A A

Ter Arkh. 1990;62(2):46-8

96.7 percent of patients with affections of organs of the pancreatobiliary zone displayed motor function disorders of upper portions of the alimentary canal (AC). A characteristic sign of the pathological process in pancreatobiliary organs is decreased frequency of recordable biopotentials and qualitative changes in electrogastrogrames. Changes in qualitative characteristics of the electrogastrogram are clearly related to increase in the intraduodenal pressure recordable with the aid of the "open catheter" technique. Laseropuncture is an effective supplementary method for correction of motility disorders in the upper portions of AC in those patients presenting with affections of the pancreatobiliary organs.

Therapy of patients with chronic pancreatitis of alcoholic etiology by dalagrin and laser therapy of the blood

Bulychev VF, Vakhrushev IaM.

Effectiveness of dalargin and intravenous laser blood beaming (ILBB) in combined treatment of chronic alcoholic pancreatitis (CAP) was studied in 105 patients (8 females and 97 males) with CAP duration 1 to 25 years. Pancreatic function and treatment effects were studied by routine clinical investigations, advanced laboratory, biochemical tests, radioimmunossays. Pancreatic disorders in alcoholics present with high blood levels of trypsin and lipase, low levels of insulin and C-peptide. Serum concentrations of hydrocortisone and gastrin were elevated. Combined treatment of CAP with adjuvant dalargin and ILBB not only relieves clinical symptoms but also promotes normalization of pancreatic function.

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