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Unattended Therapy Provides Versatility and Value

Hands-free therapy allows you to treat more patients multiplying their satisfaction and growing business. Also it trims labor costs. The flexible arms provide safe stationary laser therapy giving you and your staff the time to multi-task.

Unattended Treatment

Hands-free therapy armature allows for unattended treatment and is easily attachable to any cart or table. Each armature is designed to provide the doctor with a hands-free environment while working with Multi Radiance Medical Laser emitters.

  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Compatible with SE25 and LS50 emitters

Instead of doctors holding the emitter on the treatment area, the hands-free armature will do it for them. An optional C-clamp allows easy attachment to Multi Radiance Medical carts and trolleys.

Single Armature

The Standard Arm is a single hands-free armature.

Dual Armature Package

The Arm Duo is a set of 2 hands-free armatures.

Carts and Trolleys

All of our carts are lightweight and portable. They are just the right size for Multi Radiance Medical laser devices and effortlessly wheel from room to room on a sturdy base. Our efficient and durable carts offer you everything you need and nothing you don’t.

  • Lightweight, durable and easy to use
  • Store all Multi Radiance Medical laser systems and accessories
  • Perfect for multi-tasking
  • Increased efficiency due to hands-free environment
  • Prepped for hands-free armature installation

Basic Cart

Houses the laser device, emitters and additional accessories.

Basic Cart with Single Armature Package

This package is an ideal hands-free therapy bundle.


The C-Cart is designed to provide the doctor with maximum mobility and ample storage space for hands-free operation. It is a large metal cart with a large drawer for ample storage space. In addition, the C-Cart is able to accommodate two hands free armatures for maximized hands free application

DX Cart with Dual Armature Package

The DX Cart with dual arms is a great hands-free therapy package. DX cart is equally perfect for housing and operating your TerraQuant unit

  • Package includes 2 armatures for hands-free operation
  • Package includes 2 complimentary C-clamps to connect armatures to the cart — FREE of charge
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