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Multi Radiance Medical Super Pulsed Laser Therapy-The Winning Advantage.

Top competitors have discovered MR4 ACTIVet is safe and effective for fast healing of injuries of professional animals and for reducing pain with no side-effects.

Customer Testimonials

Canine Cases

Here are just a few of the dogs (and owners) who are loving their laser therapy

West Highland terrier - Mr. Cates 12

Owner's Report - Mr Cates is lethargic, not able to run or jump like he used to, has skin condition resulting in numerous papilomas all over his body.

Feedback from several sources - Several sources suggest these skin tags are safe to irradiate, but should be watched for any changes in size or appearance

Results of Laser Treatments

Significant increase in energy level. Plays with other dogs "Puppy Frenzies" and to his owners appears to have regained his puppy playfulness

Terrier - Chloe 2

Owner's Report - Ingested unknown amount of rat poison and was said by one Vet to have poor chance of survival. Treated with vitamin K, once recovered, continued bouts of bloody mucus diarrhea

Results of Laser Treatments

Using Variable setting with scanning along her digestive tract. Diarrhea has subsided

Owner has commented that her coat has thickened

American Eskimo - Lilly 12

Owner's Report - Lilly appears to be very uncomfortable to the point where she yelps if attempts are made to pick her up. Her rear legs splay outward as thought it's painful to walk normally. Possible arthritis

Results of Laser Treatments

Lilly was very standoffish and it took several minutes before she was calm enough to approach with the TQ Solo.

After the first treatment Lilly's rear legs showed much better alignment. Her owner reported that she was able to jump out of the car without difficulty, then ran briskly in large circles.

After several treatments, appears to be much more comfortable and allows herself to readily be picked up and held

Yellow Lab - Jessie 12

Owner's Report - Jake suffered an attack by a karge neighbor dog and was severely lacerated around its entire torso. One year later, it's not showing calcifications on its pelvic area, lower lumber. Jake's was high strung and took a long time to calm down enough for a treatment.

Results of Laser Treatment

By the 2nd treatment Jake calmed considerably and by the third received treatment without hesitation. His owner reports he is now much calmer and may be experiencing less pain. More treatments are scheduled

Black Lab - Abby 12

Owner's Report - Abbey has multiple joint issues, like arthritis. Noticeable stiffnes all over her body.

Results of Laser Treatments

Owner reported that Abby is doing much better, less stiffness and reduced pain. Further treatments pending scheduling.

"Our little Yorkie, Mia, has been a very special part of our life. But, at 13 1/2, there were many times she had a hard time just getting up in the morning. We've known since her birth that she'd been diagnosed with subluxating patellae, but we'd resisted the thought of putting her through surgery until recently. We tried meds, but they didn't work. The orthopedic surgeon told us on a four scale, she was a 4 on the right side and 3 on the left. Fortunately, a good friend and animal nutritionist told us about your laser therapy. We tried it and it has worked very very well. We just wish we'd known about it sooner, she is much more comfortable. We couldn't believe it could make such a difference, but it has and we now highly recommend it for anyone. Thank you,"

Rosemary and Marty Appolonia, Naples, 7.23.11

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