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Veterinary Testimonials

Some of the finest names in the field, like Mimi Porter and her staff from The World Equestrian Games endorse Multi Radiance Medical Veterinary Laser Therapy solutions.

Lisa Cawte-Baker: Laser Therapist, Certified Thermographer

Official Therapist - 100th Anniversary Calgary Stampede 2012

The MR4 ACTIVet is mere ounces in weight, and is truly portable which is in strict contrast to my last laser which was extremely heavy to carry, as well as clumsy to handle and use around horses.

The MR4 ACTIVet unit not only delivers instant pain relief, it does exactly what it claims – it delivers accelerated healing. Whether it be an open wound, a muscle spasm, suspensory injury, bowed tendon or a bucked shin (the list is endless!) the recoveries have been outstanding and complete.

The equine athletes I work on are all closely monitored by vets before they compete, whether it’s on the track or in the arena. Having their expertise oversee and check my work, not only confirms the horse has recovered and is a 100% fit, but the fact that the MR4 ACTIVet works, giving me peace of mind, that I am being effective in my role as equine therapist. It’s not my testimonial that counts, but that of the 100s of horses that I have worked on and have been healed quickly and efficiently by the MR4 ACTIVet! My words are more than an opinion, they are a true account of what I have seen and experienced. I believe that there are very few ailments or injuries that would not benefit (on some level) from the MR4 ACTIVet. I quite literally don’t leave home without it!

Skyeler Icke-Voss, Angelica Run Eventing

I am so thrilled to have been introduced to Multi Radiance Medical’s laser therapy and it’s application to equine sports medicine. As a frequent FEI competitor, it is so valuable to me to be able to provide my horses pain relief and accelerated healing that abides by the strict drug rules both leading up to and during competition. Laser therapy does just that! The procedure is simple, convenient and most importantly non invasive. I have been using the TQ Solo portable laser for about one year and have found it useful for treating many equine injuries, from minor wounds to tendonitis and everything in between.

Most recently, my young training level horse, “Theo” has been greatly benefited by laser therapy.


“Theo” presented two separate times for acute right front lameness associated initially with a medial sesamoid bone impact trauma (sesamoiditis) and 2 weeks later, proximal inter-sesamoidian region superficial impact trauma/abrasion. We tested the efficacy of the laser by initially jogging “Theo” where he was graded a 3/5 RF lameness, after treating him with the TQ Solo laser, his lameness improved to a weak grade 2/5 lameness. It was clearly evident to all of us viewing “Theo” that the laser significantly improved his lameness score and by default must have decreased the inflammation and reduced the level of pain to his RF fetlock region.


Right Front Proximal Medial Sesamoid Impact Abrasion and Superficial Edema, moderate to severe sensitivity. Right Front Inter-Sesamoidian impact trauma/abrasion.


Laser Therapy: Variable setting with TQ Solo,
4x’s daily for 14 days
Surpass Topical Cream: 2x’s daily
Standing Wraps and Turnout Boots

Prognosis: Excellent

With the help of the TQ-Solo Portable laser, I am able to keep my horses in work and avoid a small injuries amounting into bigger issues. We all know horses are prone to injury, which is why we must always be on the lookout for new types of rehabilitation--- laser therapy has become extremely popular for human use and should be for horses as well.

"Indispensable Tool"


“This is the heart of Virginia horse country for upper level eventers. We cover hundreds of square miles and see a wide range of conditions and injuries. Our MR4 ACTIVet laser has proven to be a valuable modality to relieve pain and enhance healing. We’re seeing wound resolutions in two weeks that previously took five. Our Multi Radiance laser therapy is an indispensable tool for helping our equine athletes recover from injuries and return to perform at the highest levels.”

Dr’s. Chad and Stephanie DavisSport Horse Medicine AssociatesClarke Equine Wellness and Performance

No Time for Pain



Contact: Jessica McDowell – Social Media (940) 327-8113

MINERAL WELLS, Texas - November 15, 2011For help with the aches and pains of starting young colts and riding every day, Three Time World Champion of Road to the Horse, Chris Cox, uses Multi Radiance Medical’s MR4 ACTIVet laser to relieve all of his horses’ soreness and discomfort.The laser therapy technology helps to alleviate the pain in all of his horses’ stifles and hocks after a long day of working and riding on the Diamond Double C Ranch. The technology also heals and improves their athletic performance and health.What Chris favors the most are the benefits in using the laser therapy. This treatment is sideeffect free, easy-to-use, supports speedy healing and is safe and effective on all of his horses. It helps to promote healthy and strong cells in the horses with no downtime!Not only does Chris use it on his horses for their pain, but he even uses it on himself for his own neck and back. There’s no downtime for this horseman either!For more information about Chris Cox or to stay updated about him, visit www.chris-cox.com, on facebook at facebook.com/ChrisCoxHorsemanship

"It has Plenty of Power"


We used the MR4 ACTIVet on competitors for muscle tension, pain, even a muscle tear. It reduced inflammation and swelling very effectively. It has plenty of power, but did not active a pain response when held in one place.

I also love that it fits in my pocket!Mimi PorterEquine Therapy DirectorWorld Equestrian Games

"The ACTIVet is Safe and Very Effective"


"MR4 ACTIVET adds a safe effective therapy for my patients. I use it for a wide range of conditions, especially arthritis.”

Stacey Huber, DVM, Naples, FL

"I am very impressed"


"Unbelievably effective is how I describe it! I've had lower lumbar pain on both sides for several weeks. I've been using a back stretching machine twice daily and had resorted to steroids trying to find some relief. Mark worked on my back with his MR4 ACTIV laser for about twenty minutes at the AVMA convention in St. Louis. I went back to see him an hour later to tell him my back was still better, much less pain. I am very impressed. I know a lot of people who are going to hear about this. Thank-you!"Richard Brutus, DVM, Retired

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